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What food can make hair grow crazily, and what elements can make hair grow crazily?

2022-11-05 15:53:04

description: Recently, many netizens left a message, "Those foods can make hair grow crazily, and those elements

Recently, many netizens left a message, "Those foods can make hair grow crazily, and those elements can make hair grow crazily?" On such topics, the legend of divine grass combines company experts and the Internet to sort out the knowledge that can make hair grow faster. I hope it can help you who lose hair!

1. Supplement zinc

Hair is closely related to the amount of protein, ribonucleic acid and deoxyribonucleic acid in the body. Zinc is involved in their generation. Zinc deficiency will cause malnutrition and hinder the normal growth and development of hair, making it yellow and withered.


Foods rich in zinc: oysters, pancreas, liver, blood, lean meat, eggs, coarse grains, walnuts, peanuts, watermelon seeds, etc.

2. Protein supplement

Lack of protein may cause hair loss. Without enough protein in the body, the synthesis of hair will be slow, becoming dry, bifurcated, and dull. In severe cases, white hair and hair loss will occur.


Foods rich in protein: seafood, tofu, milk, meat, eggs, nuts, etc.

3. Vitamin supplement

Vitamin B1, B2 and B6 have always had a good effect on improving white hair and hair loss. Vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote hair mother cell division, and also make hair grow. Vitamin C and vitamin A also have the effect of nourishing hair.


Food rich in vitamins: fresh lettuce, mango, apple, green cabbage, black sesame, corn, soybean, mung bean, etc.

4. Iodine supplement

Iodine deficiency may cause hair loss. Studies have shown that when people are lack of iodine, thyroid function will be reduced, and the reduced thyroid function will cause hair to become thinner and thinner, which will cause hair loss.


Iodine rich food: kelp, seaweed, fresh hairtail, dried clam, scallop, mussel, sea cucumber, jellyfish, lobster, etc.

5. Calcium supplement

Calcium deficiency may cause hair loss, which is a process in which hair mother nevus and dermal papilla cells in hair follicles synthesize hair protein. Protein, vitamins, trace elements and calcium are essential elements. If the calcium deficiency is serious, the hair growth will be affected, and the hair will become dry, yellow and easy to break. If calcium deficiency is serious, it may cause hair loss after a long time.


Food rich in calcium: shrimp skin, kelp, bean products, dairy products, tofu, rape eggs, soybeans, sesame paste, etc.

6. Iron supplement

Iron deficiency anemia will lead to alopecia. Blood is the basis of hair maintenance, and iron is the main component of hemoglobin. In the alopecia population, 30% is related to iron deficiency in the body, so it is necessary to supplement iron from diet to prevent alopecia.


Food rich in iron: animal liver, soybean, spinach, kelp, laver, rape, apricot, jujube, peanut, medlar, cherry, egg yolk, eggplant and other foods.