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Spring hair care and healthy hair is at the right time. When will it be better not to raise hair at this time?

2022-05-17 11:00:38


  Spring is a season when everything recovers and flowers bloom in spring, but when it comes to spring, hair suddenly falls off very badly, especially female friends. Because hair is relatively long, shampoo can lose a lot of hair compared with other seasons. Why do you love hair loss so much in this season? When changing seasons, especially when the weather changes from cold to warm, people's metabolism will be more active. In fact, the hormone level has increased, which is also related to the natural environment such as temperature and humidity. In addition, after the warm weather, staying up late and exercising are more frequent than usual, which exacerbates the instability of hormone levels. Therefore, it may cause seasonal hair loss.

  Three important reasons for aggravating hair loss in spring

  1、 Life routine changes

  Eating more spicy, stimulating, greasy hair products, staying up late, insomnia, emotional instability and other factors will affect the normal metabolism in the human body, and then affect the growth of new hair and the ability to fix hair, resulting in an increase in hair loss.


  2、 Neglect of head care

  As the temperature rises, bacteria multiply faster and it is difficult to clean hair. If you don't wash your hair for a long time or just rinse it at will, it's easy to lose your hair.


  3、 Seasonal variation

  Seasonal change will cause the disorder of human metabolism and affect the growth of hair. In early spring, the climate is dry and windy, which accelerates the loss of water in the hair, destroys the hair scale and hair structure, and the hair will become dry, forked, or even broken or lost.

  What should I do to raise hair in spring?

  1. Relieve stress and ensure sleep quality

  Under long-term pressure and high mental tension, hair loss will become more and more serious. In the face of all kinds of life pressure, in addition to head massage, you can also try to reduce pressure by yourself.

  2. Pay attention to the number of shampoos. Don't go out with wet hair

  When the temperature rises in spring, the sebum secretion increases, and the hair is easy to become oily, which makes it easier to absorb dirt such as dust and allergens. Those with heavy head oil can choose to wash their head once in 1-2 days and once in 2-3 days. It should be noted that the scalp should be dried at low temperature with a silent hair dryer, and then let the French silk dry naturally in the shade.

  3. Properly nourish the scalp and hair


  The hair is dry in spring, and the water and nutrition of daily shampoo and hair care are far from enough. If you just wash your hair or use some conditioner to nourish your hair according to the previous way, it is not enough to provide enough nutrients for the hair and scalp. Even if the way is not right, it may also aggravate the loss of hair