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Shencao Legend was officially recognized as "Shaanxi High tech Enterprise"

2022-11-05 15:49:26

description: On October 25, Xi'an Shencao Legendary Industry Co., Ltd. officially passed the review and identific

On October 25, Xi'an Shencao Legendary Industry Co., Ltd. officially passed the review and identification of "Shaanxi High tech Enterprise".


The recognition of high-tech enterprises is to continue research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the "high-tech fields supported by the state", form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and carry out business activities on this basis, aiming to promote the technological transformation of enterprises, enhance the brand image of enterprises, and improve the market value and capital value of enterprises.



The identification of high-tech enterprises was comprehensively reviewed and certified by the Science and Technology Working Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Department of Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province according to the administrative measures and work guidance regulations for the identification of high-tech enterprises, through territorial recommendation, expert review, verification and spot check, and in accordance with the standards of "core independent intellectual property rights", "transformation capacity of scientific and technological achievements", "organizational management level of research and development", and "growth indicators".


Adhering to the corporate core values of "creating value and sharing value", Xi'an Shencao Chuanqi Industrial Co., Ltd. adheres to the business purpose of "taking research and development as the engine, taking products as the foundation, relying on training, and taking operation as the drive", and has established a modern, collectivized, standardized, standardized, and systematic brand chain operation management system integrating research and development, production, sales, and training, It has successively obtained 34 invention patents and independent intellectual property certification.


The recognition of "Shaanxi High tech Enterprise" is a comprehensive reflection of Shencao Legend's scientific and technological research and development strength and its ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. It is also a major breakthrough for Shencao Legend to create "core technological barriers for enterprises" and achieve the transformation of "new technology enterprises". It is also another authoritative certification after such authoritative honors as "Franchised National Chain Enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China", "Enterprise Implementing the Standard of Integration of Industrialization and Informatization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China", and "China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Directory".